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Q & A for Graduates
Hits: Date:2020-06-16

1. Q: What is the school leaving procedure for graduates?

A: Step One: Receive and complete School Leaving Application from your advisor in ISAC (Library 407 or 409); finish visa and school fee payment checking in the ISAC;

Step Two: Finish accommodation fee checking in International Student Dormitory Management Center (Tingsong 6-102);

Step Three: Finish the borrowed books returning and checking process in the library hall;

Step Four: Receive graduation certificates from your subordinate school/faculty.

2. Q: If I want to take personal graduate photos, where can I borrow the gowns?

A: Contact your advisor in ISAC for the gowns.

3. Q: How to apply for Non-Criminal Records?

A: Step One: Go to the following address with your valid passport and student ID booklet, to apply for Non Criminal Application Letter 杭州市延安路499号市科协大楼 3(涉外公证) ;

Step Two: Go to local police station with Non-Criminal Application Letter and passport to apply for Non-Criminal Record.

4. Q: How to notarize and authenticate my graduation certificate and diploma in Hangzhou?

A: Go to杭州市延安路499号市科协大楼3(联系电话0571-85060513) with your valid passport and graduation certificate for notarization and then go to 杭州市石函路1号浙江省外事办证中心for authentication.

5. Q:How can bachelor degree graduates get transcripts at ZUST?

A:You can go to the Second Floor of Admin Building and use the machine to print your transcript. The User’s name is your Student ID and the password is your passport number.

6. Q: If I do not meet the graduation requirements and can not graduate as scheduled, are there any rules or regulations about my visa issues and fees payment for study extension?

A: ISAC will provide extra 6 months or 12 months valid visa for degree students who can not graduate in the scheduled years of study for their programs and students under this particular situation should contact their subordinate schools/ faculties. They should finish the make-up exams and retaking courses as soon as possible and shall be required to pay RMB 2900/semester (2500yuan for management fee and 400yuan insurance fee) for the study extension period.

      7.Q:Any suggestions to graduates who are currently out of China?

A:Students who meet graduation standards can authorize their friends in China to complete the school leaving procedures and receive graduation certificates on their behalf or they can send their home address (Postal address) to their advisor in ISAC and we will assist to mail their graduation certificates to them.

For those who do not meet the graduation standards and can not graduate this year, we shall evaluate their situation and if necessary, we shall provide necessary assistance and help them to apply for visa to return to China after receiving further notices from relevant authorities.