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Wanted! Wanted! Your Talent Wanted!
Hits: Date:2020-06-16


一、平台介绍 (Platform Introduction):

中国浙江科技学院官方认证的海外社交媒体/ZUST Official International Media Team (ZUSTIM)

二、征稿主题 (Manuscript Theme)


三、长期征稿栏目 (Long-term Column)

1. 五洲同创(浙科教育专栏)

My Education (ZUST Education Column)

2. 五洲留声(浙科留学生/校友专栏)

My Voice (ZUST International Students / Alumni Column)

3. 五洲青春(浙科校园生活专栏)

My Life (Campus Life Column)

4. 五洲游华(中国文化专栏)

My Chinese Culture (Chinese Culture Column)

四、稿件要求 (Manuscript / Submissions Requirements)

1. 稿件形式可以为文章、照片图组、短视频或微电影等,来稿请附带姓名、笔名(如有)、电话、邮箱;

Submissions can be in form of articles (text), photos, short videos or microfilms, etc. Information including name (ID), pseudonym (if any), telephone number and email address need to be attached;

2. 稿件文字为英文,其他语言投稿者请将稿件自行翻译为英文;

For all forms of submissions, the main language is English, submissions containing Chinese or other languages must be translated;

3. 文章逻辑结构清晰,文字表达通顺,内容积极向上宣传正能量;

Text Manuscripts: The logic and expression must be clear and unique; the content must be positive;

4. 投稿照片请配上文字说明,并原图打包发送;

Photo submissions: Please submit original and good quality images with captions;

5. 投稿视频画面清晰并配有视频介绍,中国学生投稿的视频作品注意视频增加英文字幕,内容注意隐私保护;

Video Submissions

(i) The video must be clear, of good quality and a brief introduction must be provided;

(ii) Video works containing languages other than English must have English subtitles;

(iii) Pay attention to content privacy protection;

6. 来稿请注明主题 / 栏目+题目

Please indicate "theme / column + title" in the submission;

五、注意事项 Precautions)

1. 投稿作品必须为原创,涉嫌抄袭或著作版权纠纷者,责任自负;

The submitted works must be original, and those suspected of plagiarism or copyrights disputes shall bear the responsibility;

2. 不涉及政治、宗教等敏感话题、不得含有违法信息、禁止包含商业广告;

The submitted works must be original, and those suspected of plagiarism or copyrights disputes shall bear the responsibility;

3. 不得一稿多投;

Once an article is accepted, it is not allowed to submit to other media;

六、投稿说明 (Submission Remarks)

1. 稿酬设置:稿件一经使用,本平台将根据文章篇幅与内容支付作者相应稿酬人民币30-120/稿,请务必留下详实联系信息。

Reward System: Once the article is used, the content provider will be given a corresponding remuneration of RMB 30-120 yuan for each work. Please remember to provide contact details; email address, phone number and other information required.

2. 审核周期:35个工作日,所有投稿作品会邮件回复是否被录用,请注意查阅。

Review: The manuscript review period is 3-5 days, a reply will be sent to the content provider’s email address. Please regularly check your emails.

七、联系方式 (Contact Us)

1. 投稿邮箱 (Submission Email):

2. Facebook粉丝群组: To Be Announced(敬请期待)