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Notice of the 2nd Online Chinese Recitation and Writing Competition
Hits: Date:2020-05-11

In order to help students to improve Chinese speaking skills and learn more about Chinese tradition, ZUST will hold Campus Selection Competitions, including Chinese Recitation competition, Chinese Calligraphy competition and Chinese Seal-cutting competition. Students who win the competitions will have opportunity to attend provincial and national-level competition, which will give students big chance to win Innovative Practice Scholarship of ZUST.


All ZUST international students

2.Competition Categories

3.Prize for Chinese Recitation Competition

First Prize: one seat, prize valued RMB 500yuan  

Second Prize: two seats, prize valued RMB300yuan

Third Prize: three seats, prize valued RMB 150yuan

Consolation Prize: competition souvenir

Certificates of Honor will also be provided for the winners

4.Prize for Chinese Calligraphy Competition and Chinese Seal-cutting Competition

Depending on the actual registration and competition conditions

 Appendix1 中华经典诗文诵读样篇.docx