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Notice of International Student Insurance Relating to COVID-19 Treatment
Hits: Date:2020-03-07

Dear international students,

    All of you have contributed great support and wishes to Chinese people in the battle against COVID-19 outbreak, for which we would like to express our sincere appreciation. Recently, unknown business agencies are selling medical insurance regarding COVID-19 to international students online. ZUST once again declares that we have been assisting our international students in purchasing medical insurance at the designated insurance company, which announced in January, 2020 that international student medical insurance plan will cover COVID-19 treatment costs in China, and will be given priority in processing. For more details, please check the medical insurance emergency plan as below, and remember not to trust online rumors. In case of any concern, please feel free to contact your advisor. We wish all international students safe and healthy.

Emergency Plan to “Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia” from International Students Insurance Company

In order to prevent the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia, International Students Insurance Company launched the emergency plan, including service such as 7 * 24-hour emergency hotline, general medical consultation and advance payment for diagnosed customers and quick reimbursement.

1. Emergency contact phone number

           7 * 24 hours hotline: 400-810-5119

2. Emergency Measures

(1) International students will get a timely response from service center in 7*24 hours by calling hotline 400-810-5119.

(2) Customers diagnosed with “Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia” will be given priority in service, such as advance payment for hospitalization and quick reimbursement.

(3) Claim settlement procedures are be simplified.

(4) We also provide general medical consultation and prevention knowledge.

3. The following humane care measures have been launched by International Students Insurance Company for customers who have been diagnosed with the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia:

1. Cancellation of restriction on medicine.

2. Cancellation of restriction on treatment items.

3. Cancellation of restriction on observation period.

4. Cancellation of restriction on deductible, daily limit and co-payment.

5. We are ready to proactively offer support and bilingual language service available for 7*24 hours.

6. Green channel for hospitalization and quick claim channel are opened.

7. We are ready to offer online medical guideline, and the notification of precautionary measures for foreigners living in china.

4. Diagnosis of Non-novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (including suspected diseases)

Other diseases not diagnosed as Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (including suspected ones) are handled according to the original regulations.

International Students Insurance Company pays close attention to the progress of the disease and provides 7 * 24 hours of medical consultation and claims reported in Chinese and English. Once the company's customers are diagnosed with the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia, the green channel will be activated as soon as possible to assist customers to seek medical treatment.