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The Excellent Students of ZUST Awarding Ceremony
Hits: Date:2019-12-26

On December 26th, the University hosted the 2019 ZUST Excellent Students Awarding Ceremony. This is not just an annual event but ZUST’s most prestigious awarding ceremony aimed at recognizing students for their outstanding performances in academics, university contests and social services.

47 students entered the voting selection pool, Tungamirai Eric Mupona from Zimbabwe (the current president of ZUST International Student Union) who majors in Applied Physics resoundingly won the votes in his category and progressed to a series of vigorous scrutiny which included personal presentations and critical judging by university executives. After passing the scrutiny, Eric was selected as one of the 15 nominees. The 15 nominees had stage performances and speech deliveries on the 26th of December fighting to claim the title which was to be given only to 10 students.

Eric delivered a great speech about how he attained the love of serving the society and the idea of encouraging other students to take part in voluntary activities, he then spiced up his stage time with a famous poem and scooped the largest number of on-site votes in his category. He did not only claim the title but capitalized to first position on points and votes amongst the ten title holders.  

Let’s congratulate Tungamirai Eric Mupona!