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ZUST International Students visited law education base
Hits: Date:2019-11-27

More than 40 students’representatives from ZUST visited law education base at National Wetland Museum on 21st of November 2019.The event was co-held by Narcotic Control office of Xihu District of Hangzhou and ZUST with the aim to strengthen the legal education and make students know more about Chinese laws and regulations.

Officer Xu introduced the anti-drugs law and anti-terrorism law, to raise international students’ law awareness, including the types and history of drugs, the dangers of terrorism and etc.


Students were invited to experience the driving after taking drug

students take an oath of anti-drug and anti-terrorism initiative

Feedback from students:


The trip was cultural and full of interesting information. That makes me feel like I have visited the world. and what was more amazing is that they showed us how they deal with drug addicts and what happens to them. Happy life is better than living with drugs. Thank you ZUST


" Done by ZUST, we had visited Xixi National Wetland Museum, I was so happy to be there with my classmates, and it was my first time to really enjoy amazing things about this great country. Hoping I can get more chances to know more and more about China."

3- Gayratov Azimjon (Uzbekistan)

It was unforgettable traveling day for me, I knew new things which is related to China, and Laoshi was so great, she explained us what we didn't understand, thank you for that day to my University, I'm happy study at Zust


This visit made me travel through the cultures of the world, I really enjoyed and I took very beautiful pictures, it was for me really beautiful.

5- Hadil goudani (Morocco)

I really enjoyed that day in the museum.

everything was so interesting, especially the law education base. I got a lot of information about the bad things people have done because of drugs, which justify the rules and restrictions made by the Chinese government. That’s why we have to “cherish our lives, stay away from drugs”.

6- David Ernest Koi (Tanzania)

The trip was Educational, I learned a lot, especially about the Consequence of drugs abuse to your body and to the society. I fully understood the effects and punishments for using or distributing drugs as it was clearly explained by our host / police guide. As a student of Zhejiang university of science and technology I took an oath of refusing Drugs to my life and my society. In English our motto simply stated “YES TO LIFE, NO TO DRUGS”. Thank you