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The 7th International students salon
Hits: Date:2019-06-11

Recently the 7th international students study salon "Salute, ZUST talents" was successfully held in the academic auditorium. International students from music club, dance club, drama club showcased brilliant performances.

In this salon, there were not only music and dance shows, but also classical poetry reciting, creative design show and the drama "because of you" brought by the international students drama club. International students have ideally incorporated popular topics such as campus loans and drug use into drama which was humorous, thought-provoking and won the unanimous applause of the whole audience.

Through this kind of an event students will deepen their understanding of our campus cultural life, as well as Chinese laws and regulations. As the audience said, this cultural salon is not only entertaining, but also has a very good educational significance, which is of great help to everyone's growth and success.