1. Qualifications Needed for Admission

1) 18 - 30 years old  

2) A high school graduation certificate or above (need to submit high school certificate and transcripts), fresh high school graduates will be issued a pre-graduation certificate by the school they are attending

3) Good health

4) No criminal record and no drug addiction history

5) If you are Ethnic Chinese, you need to hold a valid foreign passport or nationality certificate for more than four years (inclusive), and have proof of actual residence in a foreign countryabroad for at least two years or more in within the  past most recent four years (by as of April 30 of the enrollment year) ( Living abroad for 9 months residence in a foreign country is calculated as one a full year)

6) Language proficiency


2. Application Deadlines

Autumn Semester: Please apply before June 30th (Autumn Semester normally begins at the beginning of September).

Spring Semester: Please apply before January 30th (Spring Semester normally starts at the beginning of March).


3. Application materials

1) Please do the online Application at:

2) A copy of the student’s passport,scanned copies of all visa pages in China (applicants in China must provide).

3) High school graduation certificate or a notarized copy (in Chinese or English).

Current year high school graduates are expected to show anticipated proof of graduation, and show the high school certificate after admission.

4) High school transcripts of all courses or a notarized copy (in Chinese or English).

5) Students whose native language is not English should provide proof of English proficiency (for English taught majors).

6) HSK level certificate and the transcript or a copy of both (for Chinese taught majors).

7) Bank remittance receipt of application fee: RMB400 Yuan or USD80.

8) Study performance at original school (for students already studying in China).

9)Certificate of No Criminal Record.

10) A statement of no drug addiction history.

11) Statement of Financial Support (Bank statement to prove that the applicant has sufficient fund to afford his or her tuition, accommodation and living expenses in China)

12Valid Foreigner Physical Examination Form

4. Tuition fee:

Bachelor's Degree Program in Chinese:

RMB 15,000 Yuan/year for the following majors: Science, Engineering, Literature, Management

RMB 18,000 Yuan/year for the following majors: Art Design


Bachelor’s Degree Program in English:

RMB 16,000 Yuan/academic year for English-taught majors of International Economics & Trade and International Business.

RMB 18,000 Yuan/academic year for English-taught majors of Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Information and Computational Science, Food Science and Engineering, Communication Engineering, Digital Media Technology, Applied Physics, Robotics Engineering, Vehicle Engineering, Data Science&Big Data Technology 

5. Contact Us

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Fax: 0086-571-8507-0141
Website: or

Mailing Address:

School of International Education, Zhejiang University of Science and Technology,

No.318, Liu-he-Lu, Hangzhou, 310023, Zhejiang, P.R.China.