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the First Chinese Classic Reading Competition of ZUST starts
Hits: Date:2019-05-13

Dear students:

In order to improve the language literacy and oral language expression ability of international students, ZUST has decided to hold the first Chinese Classic Reading Competition. 

Here are some tips for you:

1. Contestants and Registration Period:

All international students of ZUST, Period: May 13th —May 16th .

2.You can choose Chinese classical poetry and prose, including excellent literary works in ancient times and modern times. You can participate in the competition by yourself or you can organize a team which has less than 8 members. Abundant and diverse means of assistance such as music, clothes and tools are encouraged. But scripts are not allowed. The time of each program should be 3 to 6 minutes.

3. Contact Person: Ms. Liao: 8507063915381136797;  Ms. Chen:13806514792

4.Award setting:

According to the number of participants, we set up 10% first prize, 20% second prize, 30% third prize. A number of special awards will be awarded according to the circumstances.

Your active participation is highly welcomed!

                                      International Student Affairs Center