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100 ZUST Students & Teachers joined the Culture Trip to Taizhou
Hits: Date:2018-07-25

About 100 ZUST International Students and students from Romania and Korea visited Taizhou Tourist and scenic spot from July 20 to July 22, 2018. International Students Affairs Center (ISAC) of ZUST arranged this trip and the Taizhou Government of Zhejiang province sponsored it.



Thirty three ZUST international students, sixty two Romanian and Korean students who are in summer camp in ZUST, one Canadian teacher and four ISAC teachers enjoyed the beauty of Taizhou together. During the two days tour they visited four famous scenic spot. The taste of famous tea of Taizhou surprised the tourists.


There are several Chinese traditional temples in Tian Tai, Taizhou. Such as Stupa Temple of Master Zhiyi, which is actively teaching the pure and fundamental methods of Chinese Tai Chi and Kun Fu? Another nearby temple named Zhejiang Taoism Academe actively spreads the deep philosophy of famous Taoism of China. The tourists experienced the perfect and lively Chinese tradition and culture.


Embracing cloud and mountains, far flowed waving rivers, high reached cloud covered mountains drooping as heavenly pearl; all the natural beauties touched the whole tourist team deeply in their heart.

Nature here is so freshand charming. The wind is so refreshing; tea flavour adds an extra layer toyour relaxation. The crystal clean waving water on the river which is fromdifferent falls around mountains will give you a different feeling. Theatmosphere of Taizhou will give you a unique holiday far away from the uproaring city life. You can find a perfect break here from everyday’s busy andtiring life. It’s a great place to pass a holiday and have fun at same time.There are several stared hotels allowing both domestic and foreign guests. Theyserve food and beverages according to the guest’s preference.


By having such a wonderfultrip all the tourists were so happy and amazed. The International students ofZUST hope that in future they can participate in more tours like this.