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Lei fenglian shined at the Cartoon Festival
Hits: Date:2018-05-03

Lei Fenglian, a foreign student volunteer community of our university, shined at the China International Cartoon Festival from April 29 to May 1.


Students of our university who are part of the Lei Fenglian team, joined with more than 150 students from 20 countries, and participated in the volunteer work of 14th China International Animation Festival held in BaimaLake Animation Plaza, Binjiang, Hangzhou and they fully demonstrated the Zhejiang University of Science and Technology International student's high spirits and youthful demeanor.


During the animation festival, Lei Fenglian volunteers mainly provided guidance, translation, tour guides and other related work at each intersection. During the whole period of service, Lei Fenglian volunteers overcame difficulties, were also united and cooperated, and were willing to contribute a meticulous service which involved distributing maps, answering questions and providing thoughtful services.


Precisely because of them, we had the ease and satisfaction of visiting the exhibition. The volunteers were also praised by the attendees and the organizers, which made the beautiful scenery of the Comic-Con Exhibition another beautiful scene.