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A Meeting with the School President
Hits: Date:2018-04-18

On the 17th of April, 2018, some members of the international students union sat for a talk with the university president Prof. Ye Gaoxiang. Highlighted below is a detailed transcript of the interview.



Q: Can you tell us a brief history about our university and its key objectives?

A: ZUST is a comparatively young university as it was founded in 1980. Our university has always been very active and the students study very hard and aim higher. We have a mission to become an excellent university to attract young people from all over the world.

Q: What do you think is the contribution of international students to making ZUST one of the greatest universities in China?

A: International students have made great contributions in times past to the university and to the country at large. International students being members of the university are the symbol of friendship between China and their individual countries. Students bring down their culture, tradition and ideas which is very vital. In the future, I believe international students will become even more important than before.

Q: Apart from studies and going to classes, what other ways can international students utilize their time to improve their lives and future?

A: Students should see coming to China for studies as an opportunity. They should utilize this opportunity they have properly. International students should participate more in group and voluntary activities. They should also perform research activities given by their professors. International students should make friends with Chinese students. Chinese and international students can learn a lot from one another.


Q: What is your plan on how to reunite the ZUST Alumni?

A: Going by the new policies in China, more job opportunities will be given to international students in the future. We hope to find students from ZUST everywhere in China and all over the world then we can organize different alumni communities in different countries. We also hope to attract more international students to study in China because I believe the students’ future is the university’s future.  

Q: What suggestions do you have for graduating students on planning their future?

A: There are positions available for masters degree programme and the students can continue their studies in China or they can get a job. There are many choices but it all depends on what you hope for.