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ZUST International Freshmen Welcome Party was successfully held
Hits: Date:2017-11-08

In the autumn of late October, 2017, the ZUST International Freshmen Welcome Party organized by ISAC, ICCA and ISU was held. Adhering to the principle of harmonious friendship and mutual assistance, students coming from different countries sang the most beautiful poems together.

Performances ranged from singing, dancing, poetry, or a combination of the two or three. The theme for the night was“Qiu shan weiwei, shan shui feng yuan”; the place where the mountains and waters meet. Songs like Xiao xinyun and Je Veux and set the mood for the night. Whether it's a passion dance like "Brandish young" or a drama comedy like "A Twisted Dream", both teachers and students perform these pieces passionately. Other performances included poetry readings of "The Tree of ZUST" accompanied by dancing and martial arts(the soul of Chinese kung fu) showcasing the beauty and consistency on a famous Chinese practice.

ZUSTwhich upholds an international communication and teaching environment, hosts the grand and widely known International Freshmen Welcome Party every year. It displays the enthusiasm and abilities of students while establishing deeper connections and understanding between Chinese and foreign students. ZUST believes that in the future, the International Freshmen Welcome Party will get better and better.