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“One to One” Project Brings a Rich and Colorful Cultural Feast to Foreign Students
Hits:140 Date:2017-6-8

    In order to broaden the horizon of international students, deepen their understanding of Chinese culture and promote communication between Chinese and foreign students, ISAC has continued to carry out One to One Project to enhance their adaptability and promote the mutual communication between Chinese and international students.

In mid-April, nearly twenty students from India, Mongolia, Zambia, Italy, Romania, Indonesia, Mali, Kazakhstan and other countries participated in the Idiom Story Telling Competition. In addition, the Study Plan has also carried out many other activities such as debate, knowledge and composition competitions to encourage foreign students to strengthen their Chinese skills.




    “ When picking tea leaves, we should use our two fingers instead of fingernails. With the guidance of professional tea-picking master, the students experienced the process of Longjing tea making. As an important part of One to One Project, the Experience Plan has organized many Chinese cultural experiences based on the traditional Chinese festivals.





    In addition to expand Chinese culture, ISAC also has brought world cultures into ZUST. Since this semester, students from Ethiopia, Tanzania and America enthusiastically introduced their countries, showing a unique style, rich and colorful cultural feast to all the students in ZUST.



    Whats more, Language Partners Plan has strengthened the communication, association and mutual interaction between Chinese and foreign students through the form of making pen pals. The Club Plan has provided an excellent opportunity for international students to join the Chinese student clubs. The students are enthusiastic about this and have expressed their willingness to seize the opportunity to learn and experience the One to One Project and to enhance their understanding of Chinese culture.