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A Cultural Trip to Jingde Zhen and Wuyuan
Hits:162 Date:2017-5-17

    In order to open up the horizons of international students and help them understand better of Chinese culture, ISAC organized a cultural trip to Jingdezhen and Wuyuan in Jiangxi Province to experience the Chinese cultural charm. More than 80 international students’ representatives participated in the trip on May 13 and 14.

    The first stop of cultural trip is in Jingdezhen, which is also named the Porcelain Capital of China famous around the world from the Eastern Han Dynasty for the white, slight, bright and ringing and porcelain. In Jingdezhen, students appreciated the beautiful ceramic creations, learned the production process of porcelain and made porcelain by themselves. They gave full play to their imagination and practical ability to produce a variety of different forms of creations, as well as experienced the complex production process.





    The international students also visited Yuantou Ancient Village in Wuyuan. Wuyuan is known as the Book Town and Tea Town, which is a famous cultural and ecological tourism county and is hailed as "the most beautiful Chinese village". As a primitive ecological ancient village, the Yuantou Ancient Village can be considered as a condensed version of Wuyuan.In this traditional village, they had a close contact with the unique Chinese farming culture and experienced the warm and honest traditional customs.


    Although it is a short trip only lasts for 2 days, it is still meaningful. The cultural trip provides an opportunity for the international students to experience the extensive and profound Chinese culture and helps them have a better understand of China.