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Opening & Rewarding Ceremony in 2017
Hits:373 Date:2017-3-6


In this beautiful and lovely season

students from all over the world gather together in ZUSto pursue their study!

        On Mar. 2, the opening ceremony is held in Room 328, Administration Building. 

Professor Zheng Youqu, Vice president of Zhejiang University of Science and Technology, Ms Feng Shaozhong, Director of International Student Affairs Center, Ms Wei Jianguo, Associate Director of International Student Affairs Center, attend it.

After the host express the sincerest welcomes and warmest greetings to all the international students,Professor Zheng , vice president of ZUST, delivers a speech.

 on behalf of all the undergraduate,Wangyadang an outstanding senior student from Yemen givesa speech.

on behalf of all the freshmen, Wemhoener Jan from Germany gives us a speech 



There also comes to the scholarship awarding part.


Chinese Government Scholarship 



Confucius Insititute Scholarship



Cozy Dorm Competition winners


 In the end, our opening and awarding ceremony end up with the orentation education.



Dear students, wish each of you a pleasant and fruitful academic life! 

A bright future awaits you if you are brave enough to face the changes and challenges of the world.