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"Leifenglian"——“Five Water Treatment” In Xihu District
Hits:284 Date:2017-3-6

Recently, a meeting a total of five on water treatment were held in Zhejiang Province, during which the Provincial Party committee swore to resolve the issue thoroughly.  A total of five meetings on water treatment, proposed in 2013, addressed issues such as:  sewage, flooding , water-logging, water supply and water saving.

On March the 3rd, Leifenglian led by the Foreign Student Association attended the opening ceremony of the first of the five meetings on water treatment in Xihu district. During the ceremony, Wen Jianqiang, director of water treatment in Xihu district, emphasized that the cost of water treatment having experienced so many treatment difficulties, is a systematic type of engineering. He also extended a warm welcome to students who actively joined in and hopes that this fresh strength can be forged stronger in practice.


 On the behalf of ZUST, Gai Shitong delivered a speech in which he expressed his confidence and passion in water treatment from the perspective of the foreign students.


Mother Ai guided Leifenglian to inspect the Yanshan River. We need to protect rivers because rivers are our common water sites, said mother Ai who also said,  The priority of water treatment is to improve the quality of health amongst the people.


The 71 year old mother Ai has been persistent in having an inspection tour along the river, everyday for two years. Mother Ai said,  It takes half an hour to walk from Bazi bridge to the Yanshan river, and I walk this route twice a day


During the inspection, our foreign students who are members of Lifenglian asked mother Ai what the behaviors that result in environmental contamination were. While appreciating what mother Ai has done for those years, our foreign students developed a better understanding of the importance of environmental protection and made up their minds to fulfill this tough task.

The task of water treatment is not only the job of the government, but also an obligation and responsibility for everyone. The water resource given to us by the  wonderful nature all around us, is for us to cherish and to use reasonably and not for  us to waste. Let us all join the Leifenglian to make our  river clean and beautiful.