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Notice for HSK & HSKK
Hits:344 Date:2017-2-21

Dear Test Takers:

You can register for HSK or HSKK test of May 20, 2017 from the Chinese test website HSK3, HSK4, HSK5 and HSKK (Intermediate Level) are available in Zhejiang University of Science and Technology. The deadline for registration is Apr 23, 2017.

Everyone has to offer valid passport, registering fee and electronic photos.

The detail requirements as follows:

Registering fees: RMB 350 for HSK 3; RMB450 for HSK4; RMB550 for HSK5; RMB300 for HSKK (intermediate level)

Electronic photo: 1) Test takers’ recent two-inch electronic photo for identification. 2) Photos themed with daily life or landscape will not be accepted; No hat, scarf, headband or sunglasses are allowed to appear in the photo (except for those who with certain religious believes); 3) Either a black and white or a color photo is acceptable, and a white background is preferred. 4) The photo shall be in JPG/JPEG format and no larger than 100 KB in size.

If you can't register on line, please go to the office A4-413 Ms. Liaoask for help.

Your registering is welcomed.


Phone number: 0571-85070639

School of Humanities and International Education

Feb 20, 2017