Offices for Service & Management

Office Address Staff Responsibilities Telephone Email
Dean Office 413, West Building of Library Mr. Xia Junsuo Director 86-571-85070096 xiajunsuo2010@126.com
Ms. Wei Jianhua Management 86-571-85070143 international123@126.com
Admission Office 411, WestBuilding of Library Ms. Sun Lan

Head of Admission Office

86-571-85070080 sunlan0129@126.com
Ms. Tao Jian Student-recruiting affairs 86-571-85070141 taojianzust@126.com
Ms. Tang Danning
Student-recruiting affairs 86-571-85070141 internationalstudy@163.com
Ms.Ding Wen
Student-recruiting affairs 86-571-85070080 internationaloffice@126.com
StudentAffairs Office Library of WestBuilding 409 Mr. Gao Zhisheng Head of managementoffice 86-571-85070093 gaozhisheng567@126.com
Mr. Xu Qiang
86-571-85070093 7486247@qq.com
Mr. Zhu Lijian Administrator 86-571-85070092 1988pinghu@163.com
Ms. Liu Linglin Administrator 86-571-85070082 316219441@qq.com
Mr.Li Jiajun
Administrator 86-571-85070142 136280492@qq.com
Mr.Chen Hongyu Administrator 86-571-85070142 375975265@qq.com
Mr. Sun Hongyang Administrator 86-571-85070082 391864245@qq.com
Teaching Affairs Office Library of WestBuilding 413 Ms. Zhao Fang Teaching affairs 86-571-85070146 zhaofang_925@163.com
 Ms.Chen Cao
  Financial Affairs
Ms.Zhang Lude



86-571-85070095 zhangld199@163.com