Distinctive Programs

Short Study Tour Program

ZUST Summer Study Tour 2019

Duration: From August 12 to August 25 for two weeks.

Class minimum number: 10 students


To learn the daily spoken Chinese language, experience the rich and ancient Chinese history and culture as well as the high-speed development and changes of modern China and visit famous scenic spots in China.

Two-week study tour not only allows you to view the profile of China as a tourist, but also allows you to penetrate the real Chinese world as an insider and live with the culture.


Students will stay at ZUST for 14 days to receive Chinese language training, learn about arts and culture like Chinese painting, calligraphy, seal-cutting, pottery making, tea culture, food culture and so on. Visits to must-go places in Hangzhou like the West Lake, Ancient Historical and Cultural Hefang Street, Song Dynasty Town will be well-arranged for students. Visit modern city Shanghai, Hangzhou local museums and local enterprises.


5500 RMB

Includes: Tuition, Accommodation (double room), and Visits, Trips, Pick-up & Send-off service from and to Shanghai Pudong International Airport.


1. Extra fee is required for a higher standard room.

2. Meals are self-paid. Students can have meals in the canteen and cafeteria on campus, which costs RMB 15-20 Yuan per day.

       3. The fee could be slightly different if the group number is less than 10.



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