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English-taught Bachelor's Programs


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1)Civil Engineering
2)International Economics and Trade
3)International Business
4)Computer Science and Technology (Information Technology)
5)Communication Engineering
6)Information and Computational Science (Statistics and Financial Actuarial Science)
7)Food Science and Engineering
8)Digital Media Technology
9)Applied Physics (laser 3D Technology)
10)Robotics Engineering

Civil Engineering

The purpose of this major is to train high-level application-oriented senior engineering technicians, who can grasp the fundamental theories, knowledge and skills in relevant branches of civil engineering design, construction, research and management. During the 4-years’ study, the graduates of this major receive basic training for being registered engineers and reached the requirements to be a trainee civil engineer.

Enrollment Advantage
Civil Engineering discipline is the provincial key subject.
Civil Engineering has the authority to launch graduate program of first-level discipline.
Civil Engineering is the provincial key constructive specialty and the national extraordinary constructive specialty.

Main courses
Introduction to Civil Engineering
Engineering Drawing & Computer Aided Drawing
Theoretical Mechanics
Material Mechanics
Civil Engineering Materials
Building Architecture
Principal Theory of Steel Structure
Foundation Engineering
Civil Engineering Construction
Masonry Structures
Design of Building Steel Structures
Civil Engineering Budget Estimate
High-building Structures and Earthquake Resistance
Appraisal and Reinforce of Engineering Structure
Development and Management of Real Estate, etc.

Graduation Orientation
The graduates of this major mainly work on the field of civil engineering design, research, construction, education, management, investment and so on. The graduates can work in the infrastructure sector of some Design and Research Institute, Construction Units, Supervision Companies or Real Estate Companies after graduation, and also work on the relative vocation of civil engineering in the Municipal, Transportation, Finance or Education Departments.

What are our alumni/graduates saying?


Ousama Muad (Syrian)
Civil Engineering, Grade 2010

I study civil engineering in ZUST. I came here in 2010.
I think China is a wonderful country; Hangzhou is a great place to live at.
I like ZUST, and I love the environment out here, the people, and my beautiful university.


International Economics and Trade
International Business

The purpose of this program is to train high-level application-oriented professionals, who can grasp the fundamental theories, knowledge and skills of international economics and trade; who should be quick in the awareness of the current economics and trade, marketing management both at home and abroad; who can comprehend and apply into practice the current accepted standards, rules, regulations of international economics and trade and who can solve practical problems in this field.

Enrollment Advantage
International Economics & Trade is A-class provincial level and collegiate level key discipline. Logistics Engineering is approved as collegiate level discipline with characteristic construction. Industrial Engineering is among the collegiate level key disciplines.
The professional laboratories and cooperative companies for internship are available to help cultivate high-level application-oriented professionals
The school of Economics and Management has ZUST Research Institute of Industrial Economy, Research Institute of Sports Leisure Industry, etc.
Annually teachers and students exchange with 15 overseas partner universities in Germany, US, UK, Japan, Spain, Romania, etc.

Main Courses
Calculus for Business and Economics
Accounting Theory
Principles of Macro-economics
Transition and Development of Chinese Economy
International Economics
International Economic Law
International Business Negotiation
International Service Business
Basics of E-commerce
Asian Economy
Marketing Planning
Consumer Behavior
Strategic Marketing, etc.

Graduation Orientation
To promote the development of economy has become one of the main goals of governments all over the world. At present and in the future 20 years Chinese economy is still in rapid growth, especially in Zhejiang province, which is located in the Yangtze River Delta, one of the most developed provinces in China. The whole world and China as well as Zhejiang Province have a great demand for internationalized trade talents, which provides good employment prospects for graduates who are major in Economics and Trade and Marketing.

What are our alumni/graduates saying?


Kenneth Kumah Yao Dogbey (Ghanaian)

Graduate, Working in Alibaba based company called Tianxiaren Company
I enrolled as an international economics and trade student in ZUSTR from 2009-2013. The school happened to be a good ground where I study all that is needed to be equipped for a better future. They combined both foreign and local professors from all sort of life into the school and today I am happy and proud to be an old student of ZUST.
After graduation it was not difficult for me to find a good job. I am currently the director of international talent people in Alibaba based company called Tianxiaren Company limited and we deal in human resourcing management.


Ilzira Aldagarova (Kazakhstan)
International Marketing, Grade 2010
I am a foreign student in Hangzhou, China taking International Marketing. I have a lot of great experience and I wish to have more adventures here in Hangzhou.


Computer Science & Technology (Information Technology)

This major is to train applied advanced technology talents of computer science and technology disciplines with good quality of scientific, systematic, good grasp of computer science and technology, including computer hardware, software, network and application of the basic theory, basic knowledge, basic skills and methods, to be capable of various types work in information system, control system, computer communication system analysis, design, development, production, and teaching.

Enrollment Advantage
Major of Computer Science & Technology is a key major in Zhejiang province, and also a major in the “Excellent Engineer Training Program”.

Main courses
Introduction to Information Technology
Fundamentals of Programming(C Language)
Data Structure
Principles of Operating System
Database Design & Implementation
System Analysis and Design
Oracle Development
Information Technology Service Management
Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
Principles of Information Security
Software Test
Software Project Management and Case Study
Programming design Pattern
Mobile Device Application Development
Multimedia Technology, etc.

Employment Prospects
The graduates of this major mainly work in the field of computer application, embedded system and software, computer software and hardware system, information system, computer network, can be work on technology development, research, application and technology management, etc.

What are our alumni/graduates saying?


Yao Edem Edmond Assila (Togolaise)

Computer Science & Technology (Information Technology), Grade 2012
I am here in ZUST for about 2 years. I like this University because of good education and very nice teachers around. I feel like I’ m studying in my home country.


Communication Engineering

Communication Engineering is about the application of technology to solve societal needs. The mission of the major of Communication Engineering in ZUST is to produce communication engineers with the educational foundation and adaptive skills to serve rapidly evolving communication and electrical technology industries. Communication engineers are the people responsible for designing the systems and components that capture, store, process, interpret, and transmit information or signals.

Some of the most significant technological advances of the 20th century were either invented or put into practice by communication engineers, including electric power systems; global broadcast and personal telecommunication systems; medical instrumentation, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI); integrated circuits; lasers; household appliances; and feedback control, such as for autopilots. New technologies developed by communication engineers are likely to be even more important in the 21st century as a new era of intelligent, information-driven systems is made possible by fundamental advances in faster communication rates, smaller devices, and greater computational capabilities.

The Communication Engineering major in ZUST was established in 1980s and has progressed rapidly to become one of the key construction majors of Zhejiang Province of China. We provide diverse curricula that will instill in our students the imagination, talents, creativity, and skills necessary for the varied and rapidly changing requirements of modern life. A new information and communications technology (ICT) integration center of production and education was established in April 2018 together with ZTE Corporation. ZTE Corporation is a global leader in telecommunications and information technology, who has been committed to providing communication devices and service over 160 countries around the world. There are four labs in our ICT center with a total investment of over ten million RMB, including LTE mobile communication lab, Cloud communication lab, Data communication lab and PTN network communication lab. Without a doubt, ICT center will greatly help improve our students’ practical ability and provide more employment opportunities. There are 12 full-time teachers in the major, 33.3% with senior titles, 41.6% with doctor’s degree, 33.3% with foreign country study or work experience and 33.3% are National or Provincial funded projects principle investigator.

After four years of study in Communication Engineering, about 15% of the students pursue the graduate program, and the rest are qualified as software engineers, hardware engineers, network engineers or project managers, who can go to the communications, electronics, information technology companies such as ZTE, Huawei, Alibaba and etc. The software engineers are mainly engaged in the software program design, programming and debugging of the project. Hardware engineers are mainly engaged in hardware design and measurement of electronic and communication systems. Network engineers are mainly engaged in the design optimization and maintenance of communication networks. The project managers are responsible for the design and implementation of the planning communication system.

At present, communication technology industry is in rapid development, all kinds of new information systems such as mobile internet, internet of things, car networking, unmanned vehicle, unmanned aerial vehicles, smart phones and the corresponding information services such as mobile payment emerge in endlessly, this requires a lot of communication engineering talents, so the employment prospect continues to be optimistic.

Enrollment Advantage
Communication Engineering is the provincial key construction subject.
hrough more than 10 years’ efforts, the chair for Communication Engineering has build up a complete system of academic disciplines. The chair has extensive experience in education with good teaching facilities. In practice and experiment teaching, the chair has 3G Lab, Wireless Communications Laboratory, and Network Communications Laboratory. 

We also have Information and Communication Technology (ICT)  Innovation experiment base. 

The ICT innovation experiment base is soon built by joint Zhejiang University of Science and Technology and ZTE Limited by Share Ltd. The ICT Innovation experiment base include: (1) 4G mobile experiment Lab, (2) Simulation experiment Lab, (3) Mobile Internet lab.

Main courses
Fundamentals of Programming(C Language)
Introduction to Communication Engineering
Low Frequency Electronic Circuits
Digital Pulse Circuits
Electronic Measurement Technology
Fundamentals of signal and system
Communication networks- fundamentals and protocols
Principles of Microprocessor and Its Applications
Circuit Theory
Communication Principles
Network Routing and Switching technology
Modeling and simulation of communication networks, etc.

Graduation Orientation
The graduates of this major mainly work on the field of communication engineering, engaging in wireless communications, network planning and optimization, computer & network communications, telecommunications, and other aspects of the design, research and development, construction, education, management and so on. The graduates can work in the telecommunication companies, communication equipment companies, or communication design and research Institute, and also work on the relative vocation of communication engineering in the Municipal, Transportation, Finance or Education Departments.

          4G mobile experiment Lab

                  Simulation experiment Lab

              Mobile Internet lab

What are our alumni/graduates saying?


Hyunjeong Yang (Korean)
Communication Engineering, Grade 2012
I love Hangzhou, it reminds me of home for it has beautiful surroundings and nature.


Information and Computational Science (Statistics and Financial Actuarial Science)

The major aims at training senior actuary with good mathematical knowledge, with modern management theoretical foundation, master the basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills and methods of statistics and financial actuarial science, as well as basic knowledge of financial laws, master statistics, probability and finance, with the knowledge and ability of business management.

Enrollment Advantage
The school of Science has ZUST Research Institute of Applied Mathematics, Financial Mathematics Laboratory, Key Laboratory of the Basic Mathematics of University, Information and Computing Science laboratory which are funded Provincial Department of Finance.
The school of Science has two provincial key disciplines basic mathematics and applied mathematics.
The school of Science cooperates with Wilhelmshaven/Oldenburg/Elsfleth University of Applied Sciences of German, carrying out 2+3 program, students and faculty exchange program and so on.

Main courses
Principles of Western Economics
Principles of Finance
Financial Engineering
Actuarial Science
International Financial Law
Operation Research
International Investment
Accounting for Banking
Financial Management
Transition and Development of Chinese Finance
Seminar on the Issues of Contemporary China’s Finance

Graduation Orientation
The graduates can be engaged in actuarial analysis, design, management and evaluation employed at government, business, financial institutions and scientific research units.

What are our alumni/graduates saying?


Levinsia Marcilia Siawarmo (Indonesian)
Information and Computational Science (Statistics and Financial Actuarial Science), Grade 2013
Hangzhou is the most beautiful place on earth and Zhejiang University of Science and Technology is the best university of Hangzhou because all teachers are very kind and helpful whenever there student have some problems they are always there for them and I am happy that I got a chance to be here.

Food Scince and Engineering

After graduation, student can have basic theory, knowledge and skill in engineering, technology, design and interdisciplinary; basic ability of food production, research and development, analysis and management; basic quality of entrepreneurship, marketing, innovative thinking, international perspective; engaged in scientific research, technology development, engineering design, production management, quality control, product sales, inspection and quarantine, teaching in food production, processing, distribution, import and export, supervision, safety management and other departments.

Enrollment Advantage
All courses of this class are given in English. After graduation, student can have basic theory, knowledge and skill in engineering, technology, design and interdisciplinary; basic ability of food production, research and development, analysis and management; basic quality of entrepreneurship, marketing, innovative thinking, international perspective.
Relying on Provincial Key Lab for Chem&Bio Processing Technology of Farm Products, Provincial Key Innovation Team of Farm Products Chem&Bio Processing, Provincial Universities First-Level Disciplines Platform, and with advanced teaching and experimental equipment in food R&D and analysis, this class will format distinct characteristics.

Main courses
Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry
Organic Chemistry
Food Chemistry
Food Analysis
Food Nutrition
Food Machinery and Equipment
Project Management and Case Study
Vegetable and Fruit Processing
Food Biotechnology
Advances in Food Science and Technology, etc.

Graduation Orientation
Research and development, engineering, production management, quality control, sales, inspection and quarantine, teaching in food production, processing, distribution, import and export, supervision, safety management and other departments.

What are our alumni/graduates saying?


Susana Paixao Rodrigues (Portuguese)

Food Science and Engineering, Grade 2012
Hangzhou is a very beautiful city, where nature, ancient culture and modern fashions mix together in a harmonious way. I like this city a lot! I’m very happy I had the opportunity to study at ZUST, a place where I was able to enrich myself. Live your life on purpose!


Digital Media Technology

The major aims at cultivating talents with excellent professional quality, who are able to systematically master the theoretical knowledge, practical skills and methods of digital media technology, and have the ability to design and develop digital media productions. Students are to learn basic theories and professional knowledge of graphics, images, audio and video, 2-dimension and 3-dimension media design, game programming, interactive multimedia system design as well as the methods of design and develop software in the field of digital media and network. These trainings help students grasp core technologies of digital media and aquire artistic creativity in digital media technology.

Enrollment Advantage
Digital Media technologies are changing the world. The digital media industries require engineers to have an understanding of the digital media systems and know how to creatively apply those to media and arts. The program is dedicated to fostering competitive digital media engineers with specialty, capability and knowledge. Through 10 years’ efforts, the major has built up an integrated education system with good teaching facilities. We offer students the opportunity to pursuing advanced digital media studies and enable students to engage in various projects in the digital media field.

Our facility includes various specialized labs, including Game & Interactive Technology Lab, Mobile Development Lab, Graphics & Image Processing Lab, Virtual Reality Laboratory, Programming Lab, Audio & Video Processing Lab, Photo Studio, and Digital Television Studio. The labs are equipped with the very latest laboratory equipments in image, sound, and video processing and their applications in music, TV, film, multimedia systems and virtual reality.

Main courses
Foundations of art
Photography Technology
Video Directing and Production
Digital Video Post-production
2D Animation Design
3D Animation Design
Foundations of Game Design
Database Design
Web Program Design
User Interface Design
Interactive Multimedia System Design
Mobile Device Programming

Employment Prospects

Graduates of this program can engage in various digital media application fields like game programming, interactive multimedia system design, mobile device programming, web programming, digital video post-production, animation production, information system management, and also can find relative positions in the Municipal, Finance or Education Departments.
Since its foundation, the major has already cultivated and sent lots of professional digital media graduates to high-tech enterprises. Many graduates have become the backbone of digital media-related fields and senior management personnel.
Some graduates further their studies in universities both home and abroad such as University of Edinburgh, University of Southampton, Nanyang Technological University, University of Utah, Waseda University, Tokyo University of Technology, Zhejiang University,Dalian University of Technology and Zhejiang University of Technology.


Digital Television Studio


Photo Studio Mobile Development Lab


Graphics & Image Processing Lab


Applied Physics (Laser 3D Technology)

This study program is tailored to train talents with solid fundamentals of Laser 3D Technology, as well as strong practical ability and creative sense. The graduates are expected to do scientific research work, product design, technology development and management in fields of laser 3D modeling, measurement and test, 3D fabrication, optical communication, optoelectronics, and etc. After graduation, the students may further their study for master degree in related fields.

Enrollment Advantage
Very strong professional experiences in the field of Laser 3D Technoloy.
All the 19 faculty staff have many years of study and research experiences and accumulated cutting-edg techniques in the field of Laser 3D Technology. All the faculty staff have PhD degrees and study/research experiences abroad.

State-of-the-art facilities
A number of central service facilities and interdisciplinary research institutes provide support for the study program of Laser 3D Technology. Particularly relevant are the laser 3D measurement and print facility. State-of-the-art facilities for large scale include 3D printer, 3D measurement apparatus, photoelectric detection system, and etc.

Internship/work opportunities in big enterprises in China
The study program concentrates its resources on Laser 3D Technology with very close relevance to technological industry. Cooperation has been established with more than 20 big enterprises, such as Intel, HUAWEI, Huagong Tech, Xianlin 3D, Hualei Laser Tech, and etc. The students will have internship and/or work opportunity in those big companies.

Main courses
Computer Aided Design (CAD)
Digital Image Processing
Digital 3D Modeling
Laser 3D Sensing
Digital 3D Modeling
Laser 3D Display Technology
Laser 3D Print and Fabrication

Employment Prospects
In the Field of laser 3D manufacture:
Manufacture of spare parts of vehicles and shipbuilding;
Chemical engineering and metallurgy;
Reproduction of the machine accessories.

In the field of 3D design:
3D animation design;
3D appearance design;
3D digital modeling.

In the field of 3D detecting:
3D architecture detecting;
3D detecting of giant machinery;
3D detecting of industry product.


Robotics Engineering

This program aims at cultivating professional engineers in modern high-tech areas.

By signing up for this program, undergraduate students will get to know the basic principles and master the specialized practical techniques concerning measurement and control technology, especially the fantastic and promising modern robot technology which has always been a hot topic in scientific research, industrial application and daily life.

Related to the areas of optical engineering, mechanics, electronics and computer science, the measurement and control technology has been widely utilized. The progress in robotic research these years has provided firm support for the possibility of producing high-performance and intelligent robots which are essential for the ongoing industrial revolution. As one of the most important essentials, the industrial robots are widely used in many tasks including transportation, automobiles, assembling and welding, etc.

Students are expected to acquire practical skills and the ability to develop specialized techniques or systems. Graduates will be able to start their own career in the following fields: electronics, optics, electrical engineering, robot technology, photoelectric instrumentation, precision measurement technology, automation, artificial intelligence and embedded computer science.

Enrollment Advantage

Many countries have realized the importance of robots and all raised their ambitious plan on introducing more robots into industry, economics and other related areas. Germany invented the phrase “Industry 4.0” and China also proposed “Intelligent manufacture 2020”. Thus the research and application on robots is highly promising to be prosperous and has only made a successful start of an even brighter future, creating a lot of practice and job opportunities.

Extensive practical platforms and interactive teaching methods

By taking this educational program the students will be able to acquire a solid basis of specialized knowledge and practical engineering skills. This major has a sound record of winning the championships of the nationwide robot contests in recent years, which will benefit those interested students. The department has a great variety of experimental instruments and devices that will also help students enhance their manipulative ability. The Department-Enterprise Cooperation Bases such as the SUPCON Tech. Co. Ltd., Holley Tech. Co. Ltd, MEACON Automation Ltd. etc provide a series of opportunities for extensive practical technical or marketing training.

15 relevant and well-equipped laboratories: Measurement and Control Tech Lab, Photoelectric Detection Tech Lab, Automotive Electronic Lab, Sensor Technique Lab, Circuit Principle Lab, DCS Lab, PLC Lab, etc.

Long standing international academic cooperation and intensive collaboration with local enterprises

The department has long-history international cooperation with universities in Germany and US, and has yearly exchange visiting teachers and students. The professors and tutors have rich overseas experience in teaching and conducting scientific research, or have long-term industrial experience at enterprises. Students will have good opportunities to practice or conduct internship at local well-known enterprises.

Main courses

Circuit Principle and Electronic Technique

Sensors and Testing Technology

Machine Vision and Digital Image Processing

Engineering Optics

Single-Chip Microcomputer Principles and Applications

Photoelectric Detection Technology

Fundamentals of Robot Control

Signal and System

Automatization Instrumentation

Virtual Instrument and LabVIEW Language

Embedded System (DSP, ARM or EDA)

Employment Prospects

By completing the program, graduates will have a diverse recruitment prospect in many relevant industrial areas including, but not limited to: electronics, optics, electrical engineering, robot technology, photoelectric instrumentation, photoelectric detection technology, precision measurement technology, automation, artificial intelligence and embedded computer science, depending on their interests and personal skills. They can conduct scientific and technological research, industrial practice and carry out various experiments in related high-tech enterprises such as SUPCON, HOLLEY, MEACON, BOSCH, BMW, SIEMENS, HUAWEI, PHILIPS, Midea, GREE, etc. and in research institutes or related higher education institutions.