Distinctive Programs

Chinese Language and Culture Programs

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1.Chinese Language Program(long & short term)

2.Bachelor Degree in Chinese language and literature (Business Chinese)

3.Master of Teaching Chinese Language to Speakers of Other Languages(MTCSOL)


Chinese Language Program(long & short term)

Applications both Long-term(over 3 months) and Short-term(less then 3 months) are available for students all around the year.

Distinctive points
1.Professional teachers
All the teachers are holding high-level foreign language teaching certificate , have rich experience in foreign language teaching , and are deeply welcomed by students.
2.Excellent teaching mode
Maximum number of students is 15 people per class. "One to one " teaching mode can be provided to students with special requirements.
3.Advanced teaching facilities:
Multi-purpose classrooms are ready to meet the needs of a variety of teaching. Well-stocked library for you to create a comfortable space for quiet study.
4. Classes of different levels:
To meet the different needs of all types of students in learning Chinese, ZUST established A, B, C, D, E, F six grading standards corresponding to the National Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK). Meanwhile, according to the special needs of students, ZUST offers enhanced learning courses for different purposes.

Main courses
1)Comprehensive Chinese
2)Spoken Chinese
3)Chinese Listening
4)Chinese Reading
5)Chinese Writing

Extracurricular Distinctive Program
Culture Trips, Entertainment fitness, Chinese activities and competitions.


Bachelor Degree in Chinese Language and Literature (Business Chinese)

This major is oriented to those international students with high school graduation certificate or higher degree whose mother tongue is not Chinese. The undergraduate program of Business Chinese major attaches equal importance to knowledge, capabilities and qualities with the core courses of Chinese language course, business course, and course of Chinese society & culture. Courses are tailored to cultivating inter-disciplinary and applied talents as required in modern society with capabilities as follows: Chinese language listening, speaking, reading and writing; being familiar with the basic theory and practice of modern business affairs; knowing well the developments of Chinese culture, contemporary economy and society; being able to make business deals with fluent Chinese language under intercultural background.

Main Courses
Chinese Listening, Oral Chinese, Chinese Reading, Chinese Writing, Spoken Business Chinese, Business Chinese Audio, Reading Business Chinese, Writing Business Chinese, Business Case Study, International Business Negotiation, Economic Law, Marketing, Advertisement, Chinese Culture.

Direction of the transfer
1) If you have already gotten HSK4 180 or above, and pass the entrance examination that is organized by International Education School of ZUST, you are exempted from studying the following courses (38 credits in total): Elementary Chinese 1, Elementary Chinese 2, Elementary Chinese Listening 1, Elementary Chinese Listening 2, Elementary Oral Chinese 1, Elementary Oral Chinese 2, Elementary Chinese Reading 1, Elementary Chinese Reading 2
2) If you have already gotten HSK4 240 or HSK 5 180 or above, and pass the entrance examination that is organized by International Education School of ZUST, you are exempted from learning the following courses (62 credits in total): Elementary Chinese 1, Elementary Chinese 2, Elementary Chinese Listening 1, Elementary Chinese Listening 2, Elementary Oral Chinese 1, Elementary Oral Chinese 2, Elementary Chinese Reading 1, Elementary Chinese Reading 2, Intermediate Chinese 1, Intermediate Chinese 2, Intermediate Chinese Listening 1, Intermediate Chinese Listening 2, Intermediate Chinese Reading, Elementary Chinese Writing.

What are our alumni/graduates saying?

Natalia Tillack (Dutch)

Chinese language and literature (Business Chinese), Grade 2012
Hangzhou is a special place for me, because it is full of good people and the city is very beautiful. I study in ZUST, I love it, it likes my second home.


Master of Teaching Chinese Language to Speakers of Other Languages(MTCSOL)

I. Training Objectives
This program is oriented to cultivate professionals with strong work ethics and good understanding of China and Chinese culture, proficient in teaching skills and techniques for Chinese language and culture, good at intercultural communication, and qualified for Chinese teaching.

II. Prospective Students
This program targets at international students with bachelor degree and required Chinese language proficiency, passionate for Chinese language and culture, and dedicated to Chinese language teaching and the promotion of international exchange between China and other countries.

III. Study Mode and Duration
The first year study focuses on the completion of intensive core courses, the third semester study is carried out in students’ home country in the form of internship, and the fourth semester study centers on graduation thesis under the guidance of supervisors.
The study duration for international students of MTCSL is 2.5 years.

IV. Cultivation Mode
The program is realized by the combination of course study and Chinese teaching internship, the integration of Chinese teaching and Chinese culture communication, and the interaction of guidance between supervisors and internship advisers.

V. Graduation Credits Requirements and Curriculum
1. The Minimum Graduation Credits: 40 Credits.
2. Curriculum and Credits Structure
2.1 Required Core Courses:
2.1.1 Public Degree Course (2 credits)
The Contemporary Chinese Studies (2 credits)
2.1.2 Major Degree Courses (16 credits)
Chinese Linguistics (4 credits)
Teaching Chinese as a second language (4 credits)
Second Language Acquisition (2 credits)
Overseas Chinese Teaching Cases (2 credits)
Chinese Culture and Communication (2 credits)
Intercultural Communication (2 credits)

2.2 Optional Courses (8 credits are required): 3 modules

2.2.1 Chinese Teaching
Advanced Chinese (4 credits)
Chinese Language Elements Teaching (2 credits)
Error Analysis (2 credits)
The Comparison and Contrast between Chinese and Foreign Languages (2 credits)
Curriculum Design (2 credits)
Chinese Teaching Materials and Teaching Resources (2 credits)

2.2.2 Chinese Culture and Cross-cultural Communication
Chinese ideological history (2 credits)
Etiquette and International Relations (1 credit)

2.2.3 Education and Teaching Management
Foreign Language Education Psychology (2 credits)
Oversea Second Language Teaching and Education of Primary and Secondary Schools (1 credit)
The International Promotion of Chinese Language (1 credit)

2.2.4 Training Program (4 credits)
Teaching Survey and Analysis (1 credit)
Class Observation and Practice (1 credit)
Teaching Test and Evaluation (1 credit)
Talents and Presentation of Chinese Culture (1 credit)

Categories 2 and 3 are optional, and the minimum required credits are 12.
3.Required Parts
3.1 Lectures (on language, culture and education) (1 credit)
3.2 Culture Experience (Chinese culture or intercultural communication experience activities)
3.3 Teaching Practice (6 credits)
4.Graduation Thesis (2 credits)

VI. Teaching Practice and Management
1. Teaching Practice Mode
Teaching practice and internship could be carried out in schools and education institutions in and abroad.
2. Teaching Practice Management
During the internship, teachers are arranged either by Zhejiang University of Science and Technology or the relevant institutions to give instructions, and postgraduates are required to submit Internship Plan and Internship Report checked and inspected by the university thereafter.

VII. Graduation Thesis and Defense
As an important way to evaluate research and innovative competence, Graduation thesis of MTCSL students should be closely integrated with Chinese teaching practice and focus on practice and application, so as to serve for international Chinese teaching. Therefore, the topic of the thesis should be of academic significance and application value.
Graduation thesis could be of various forms, including research report, teaching experiment report, case analysis, instructional design, mono-graphic study, etc. Be it fundamental or comprehensive research, the thesis should focus on the combination of theory with practice, thus to encourage students to address practical problems in teaching and to forward specific feasible plan through survey and research.
Constructed independently under the guidance of supervisors as well as in accordance with academic standards, the graduation thesis should dwell on current research status of relevant topics, and contain detailed materials, innovative ideas and methodologies.
Be no more than 30000 words, graduation thesis incorporates the following parts: abstract (in both Chinese and English languages), introduction, literature review, body part, conclusion, bibliography, and appendix, and is required to be with accurate concepts, language fluency, reliable data, integrated structure, strict logic, detailed arguments, and adequate demonstration.
On the completion of course study, internship, the graduation thesis, and the thesis defense, and on the acquisition of required credits and qualified transcripts, students could get master degree and graduation certificate for MTCSL after the evaluation and appraisal of the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee of Zhejiang University of Science and Technology