Distinctive Programs

Advanced StudentsCredits Exchange Pragrams

All the following majors are availabe!

Autumn Semester

Spring Semester

School of Mechanical & Automotive Engineering

★☆△Machinery Design & Manufacturing and Automation

˜ Material Deforming and Controlling Engineering

★☆△Automotive Engineering

˜ Automotive Service Engineering

˜ Enegy and rnvironment system engineering

School of Automation and Electric Engineering


˜ Electric Engineering and Automation

˜ Measurement & Control Technology and Instruments

˜ Building Electricity and Intelligence

School of Information and Electronic Engineering

˜ Digital Media Technology

★☆Computer Science and Technology

˜ Electronic Information Science and Technology

˜ Electronic Information Engineering

★Communication Engineering

☆Software Engineering

˜ Internet of Things Engineering

School of Civil Engineering and Architecture

■★☆△Civil Engineering

˜Urban Planning

☆Water Supply and Sewerage Engineering


˜Traffic Engineering

School of Biological and Chemical Engineering

School of Light Industry

˜Packaging Engineering

˜Printing Engineering

☆Light Chemical Engineering

■★☆△Chemical Engineering and Technique

˜Food Science and Engineering

˜Biological Engineering

˜Pharmaceutical Engineering

˜Materials Science and Engineering

School of Fashion Design (School of Arts Design)

■★☆Visual Communication Design

■★☆Environmental Design

■★☆Fashion Design

☆Product Design


˜Fashion Design and Engineering

˜Industry Design

˜Fashion Show

School of Economics and Management

˜Industrial Engineering

˜Information Management and Information System

★☆International Economics and Trade

☆Logistics Engineering

☆Financial Engineering



˜Financial Management

School of Science

˜Information and Computational Science

˜Applied Physics

School of ForeignLanguages/Chinese-German Institute

˜English Language

˜German Language

Chinese-German Institute for Applied Engineering

☆German-taught Civil Engineering

☆German-taught Electric Engineering and Automation

School of Humanities and International Education

☆Chinese Language and Literature (Business Chinese)

△Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages(MTCSOL)